About Me

I started playing with computers when I was 12 or 13 years old. We had a Hewlett Packard Bell and it came with a disk that had a bunch of games on it that you could install onto the computer. Most of the games were demos that you had to pay to buy, but we were content with just playing the demos. For one reason or another, the games would start to crash after awhile and reinstalling them would mostly fix the issue. This is the earliest IT related work I can remember. As time went on, I would meet a classmate who is still a very good friend who got me into computer gaming. Through out high school I was more interested in getting my computer to run the newest games than anything else.

I attended 1 year at a 4 year college for a technology degree, did not like the course outline for the degree, and went to a 2 year college. I have an Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology. I also have held COMPTIA’s A+ and Net+ degree and have recently completed my CCENT.

I currently work as a System Administrator and am more interested in getting my company’s network and systems to run the newest software and security compliance more than anything else.